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Pharmacy in the start-up period
The See-Apotheke 100 years later.

The See-Apotheke in Kammer, Hauptstraße 32, has been around there since 100 years.


In the summer of 1910 the magistrate approved the establishment of a pharmacy in Schörfling am Attersee, located in Kammer. On January 2, 1911, Mr. Rosenauer opened the "See-Apotheke".
In the first few years, the pharmacist made almost all of the drugs himself. He poured suppositories, turned pills, mixed teas, and prepared tinctures.

In 1920 Mag. August Lemel bought the pharmacy. After the death of Lemel in 1939, the doctor and pharmacist Dr. Konrad Bures led the pharmacy during the war and postwar years. The supply of medicines was difficult. It lacked on many raw materials. Bures still collected medicinal plants to relieve the distress.
In the mid-1940s, the industrial production of medicines was established. However, special needs are still met by individual preparation today.

The pharmacy was originally housed in House No. 6 (now Hauptstraße 3). Rosa Bures pushed the construction of a new pharmacy with great enthusiasm. The pharmacy was opened in 1973.
Since 1982, her son Mag. Erich Kaniak has been holding the See-Apotheke in Kammer.

At the end of 2011, a health center opened on the initiative of Mag. Kaniak, opposite the pharmacy, the Seepark Kammer.


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