Romans on Lake Attersee

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Province Noricum with special marking of the area Iuvavum (Salzburg) incl. Attersee area


The epoch of the Romans in the Attergau in the period from 15 BC to about 500 AD could be proven by a wealth of finds. In Romans on Lake Attersee you will find the most important discoveries from the Roman period in the table of contents below.

Above all, there were Roman manor farms (villae rusticae) that shaped the landscape along the Roman road between Ovilavis (Wels) and Iuvavum (Salzburg). The best researched are the manor houses in Weyregg, Königswiesen near St. Georgen im Attergau and Hausham near Vöcklamarkt.

The Roman fort at Mösendorf near Vöcklamarkt had a special position, obviously serving to protect the important road connection.

On OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, see index below, you can find the location of the most important sites.

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